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”We wanted to have the guest and the food in focus so we simply erased everything else”

Simon Weinberg

OMAKASE 850,- [a Japanese expression that can be loosely translated as "trust the chef”]


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Current art exhibitor is Elanor Barreau`s with her exploration into the representation of women inn media last 100 years. We encourage known and unknown artists and sculptors to send their portfolio to us at
We continuously adjusts our exhibitions during the year. Follow our Instagram for the latest buzz:

About us

At Bokbacka the cook follows the raw product and not the other way around. Our cooking is based on hunting the best ingredients when and where they are at their best. It is our ambition to appeal to all the senses, we strive to be invent full in what we do and to find the balance in the naturel and the technical way of cooking to be able to offer an unique experience. It's about seeing the simplicity in the raw product as well as being able to apply the best technique to lift the raw product to its full potential.”

Welcome to Bokbacka.


To make a table reservation easy for you, we have online booking. Please note:
- Please give note about any allergies or food preference at booking.
- The kitchen takes the last order at 21:30. (So you can order the full menu until then)
- If you want a table for more than six people, so please send us an email at
- We have private banquet room for private parties, please send us a request on

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We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 17:00.


Skovveien 15, 0257 Oslo - Norway


Restaurant: (+47) 41 26 01 44


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